The object for which Elemental Force was established was to provide dance, and specifically bboy “breakin”, instruction and associated cultural services, to include the organisation of, and participation in, dance and associated cultural events (“the dance activities”).

Elemental Force through teaching had as its ethical purpose the empowering of young people by aiming to connect them to the creative forces of breakin and associated cultural activities.

It endeavoured to develop skills and confidence in young people, and encouraged social mobility through the provision of dance instruction in a structured environment, whereby students where able to progress through ‘stages’ of development and have the opportunity to learn how to teach dance skills, and pass on the skills they had learnt.

The teaching environment aimed to develop such skills with an emphasis on health, fitness, thinking skills and life/career progression beyond participation in dance and associated cultural activities, hence It always adopted the promotion of social mobility as an underlying objective in its activities.

Elemental Force will have regard to this object, or ethical purpose, to include the matters set out above, when conducting any of its business or in pursuit of any other object.


We successfully developed and continually developed the correct foundation of this dance In a large number of young people across South Wales and currently have young people from all social backgrounds hooked on this dance culture.

Elemental Force not only creates opportunities for all involved but it also offers real opportunities for their future in dance and development by providing support and interactive events for them to continually grow.

With community development programs such as The Get Fresh Project, We have successfully through the years recruited children from all over South Wales recruiting at grass roots level and developing them to become fully conditioned BBOYS/BGIRLS.

We have introduced unique BBOY events to young people and have supported the local Welsh and UK scene by offering opportunities to be involved with established dancers and pioneers, holding large international competitions and jams in it’s capitol and surrounding areas.

Elemental Force also offers a number of services related to this culture that include professional showcase performances, event management, artist management, youth development, aerosol art commissions, graphic design and photography.

We are home to some of the finest artists within the UK who all have proven track records of their work and who are all passionate about what they do.

Elemental Force was created to offer real opportunities to young people interested in this culture and develop a strong Welsh scene for the next generation of BBOY/BGIRLZ.

Our BBOY (break dance workshops) give young people a great opportunity to express themselves and develop skills suitable for maintaing a positive outlook on life.

This website is designed to document our progress and will be updated on a regular basis with new projects and future events.

SLAMMELLZEE PRODUCTIONS who run Elemental Force will also be advertising other partnerships and ventures to keep Y’ll informed!  If you have any questions regarding our services or are interested in finding out more of what we do then please feel free to contact us on 07889 803 932 or info@elementalforce.co.uk

Who We Are

Elemental Force was established in January 2007 by BBOY Slammo aka Slammellzee to offer young people the chance to develop new skills and provide it’s established artists with the opportunity to promote their work.

The artists involved where all hand picked for their ability and understanding of their profession and are all passionate about promoting the true foundations of this culture.

We aim to provide a solid platform for those wishing to develop their skills and we work very closely with youth organisations and local councils to identify undiscovered talent within the communities.

We would also look to make these opportunities more sustainable for those wishing to continue with their development and provide real opportunities for their future.

Elemental Force is an organisation dedicated to helping young people and providing a positive platform for them in our current society.

What We Do

Elemental Force have worked with various organisations and businesses throughout the UK, promoting marketing campaigns, International events, television productions as well as holding regular workshops within the community. Here is a list of some of those recently associated with:

  • BBC
  • ITV
  • Boomerang TV
  • Zip TV
  • Mosgito S4C
  • Chwa
  • Freeride
  • Redline magazine
  • Fastcar magazine
  • Wales Millennium Center
  • Rhonnda Cynon Taff Council
  • Blaenau Gwent Council
  • Cardiff Council
  • Youth Prevention Team
  • XFM
  • Roxe Foundation
  • Bryn Y Deryn Youth Theatre Company
  • Bad Bikes Blackmill Project
  • E3 +
  • 5×60
  • Youth Detached
  • Foster Care
  • HM Prison Service
  • Youth Offending Service
  • Communities First