Jazzy Jay Live In London!

Ladies and gentleman, for B Boy Documents in 2014, we are honoured to present the legendary Jazzy Jay live and direct in London, NW6, on Saturday 18th October 2014.
Jazzy Jay….South Bronx, protege of Afrika Bambaata, Zulu Nation DJ, Jazzy Five, Jazzy Sensation, Planet Rock, Beat Street, Negril, The Roxy, Kiss FM, Def Jam, It’s Yours, Cold Chillin’ In The Spot, Strong City, Scratch…and THAT studio in Bronx.

On the Wheels of Steel, alongside Jazzy Jay, we have

DJ Fingers,
DJ Devastate,
Kid Dyno,
Aidan Orange,
Bunny Bread,
and Def K.

Your Masters of Ceremonies will be

Kamanchi Sly,
Cool Cash C ( Supa Rock Down ),
Jive Junior,
Freshski, Emix ( Family Quest ),
Dirty Harry ( Family Quest ),
Crazy Noddy and Lyn-e-Lyn.

The B.Boys Now Confirmed

Dolby.D (London All Stars)
Haliit (Live 2 Break)
Pervez (Live 2 Break)
Skam One (Foundationz Cru)
Kama (Foundationz Cru)
Slammo (SUP Crew)

The warehouse venue for the night is
131 – 179 Belsize Road, Kilburn, London, NW6 4AB
( car park 1st floor, corner of Abbey Road and Belsize Road )
Party times: 10pm until the Break of Dawn!

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