So SUP finally get around to making a trailer and lets just say we added some SUP magic. These dancers have developed their skills from scratch through our youth dance program “Get Fresh Project” and earned the right to be members of the infamous Style Under Pressure Crew.

Along the journey we have been exposed to many challenges and hurdles. This is a direct result of their personal and youth development and I think you will agree that considering some of these dancers have only danced for 2 years they are worthy of unconditional respect!

Our program has taken young people from all social and emotional backgrounds and helped uncover their true potential, using dance as a way to engage and Elemental Forces network to develop them to what you see in this trailer. We represent the true essence of the dance and understand the power of the bboy gods
This dance will not only help develop you as a person it will give you the power to be grounded and achieve anything you want in life. Don’t talk about it. Be about it. Let The Art Do The Talking!

Each member is unique in his presence and style and our approach to the dance is not only creative but original in flavour. As artists we are developing new ways to present this art form and although enter comps and real battles we want to show a different side to the dance by experimenting with ideas and presenting on different platforms.

Our bond and brotherhood not only makes us a strong unit but we are a force to be reckoned with. This is just the beginning of the SUP RISING and our crew is on the WARPATH!

Extra special thanks to Liz Driscoll and the Cultural Services team in RCT who have supported the programs since 2007. You guys really are a huge part of what we have achieved and without you we would not be here!

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