The director, music producer, and dancer involved in this project share extremely close ties. All three are Southeast Asian-American B-boys (2 Cambodians, 1 Filipino) from San Jose, CA and represent a direct lineage of artistry and craft. Randy Bernal (W1SHONE) started off Ratha Nou in dance, and Ratha subsequently started Andrew, his younger cousin. This collaboration represents a full circle moment for them. From visual to musical to physical, the three produced this project with a special, shared understanding of the b-boy artform translated through the incredible skills Ratha and Randy developed outside of dancing.

A-Game is one of the newest members of Style Elements, and some of the shots in this video were filmed in direct homage to the Style Elements Enter the Bboy video.

Shrapnel – Official Music Video from STABLISHED on Vimeo.

Directed & Animated by: Ratha Nou of Stablished
Music Produced by: W1SHONE
Starring: A-Game (Hybrid Crew/Style Elements)

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