Breakin The Bay 2012

It has been one crazy year for Elemental Force what with location changes, Projects and events!

What makes doing what we do so special is when we see the footage of what we achieved through our events and community projects.
It gives us great pleasure to drop this short film of this years Breakin The Bay @ The Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff.

As you will see from this film this event is designed to support the local scene, give passer by the chance to experience this incredible culture and provide development opportunities for our next generation of dancers and Hip Hop artists.

The event which is held annually in the WMC has been developing it’s stance since 2005 and is without doubt the finest free All Elements Hip Hop event in South Wales.

The event is curated and organised by the following:
Liara Barussi – Jukebox.
Rmer One – Illustrate Project/Trackside Studio’s.
BBOY Slammo – Elemental Force.
Rob Ashelford – Wales Millennium Centre.
Soopa J & Lee Bee – Bones 2 The Stones.

We really hope you enjoy this film as we have tried to show our true motivation for doing such events to hopefully capture the attention of those who have not yet had the chance to attend.

We are all about the kids and the future development of this scene and special thanks goes to the following people for this great insight to what we do.

Director and Editor – Nick Light
Camera – Chris Tritschler and Andrew Johnson
Rob Ashelford – WMC

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