Celebrating Five Years!

Elemental Force was established on January 16th 2005 as a result of personal experiences growing up within Hip Hop culture. There was also a high demand from young people throughout South Wales to engage in something positive! The mission was simply to use dance as a platform to developing new skills, build solid friendships and have lots of fun.

At the early stages of development we realised that parts of the Welsh valley was overlooked with opportunities for young people and that something fresh was desperately needed. We quickly found a high level of interest in our sessions enabling us to establish awareness in what we do and to develop a local scene. This development program became Get Fresh and the buzz word soon became recognised throughout the area as a development opportunity for young people to become more involved in BBOY culture.

Over the years we have not only seen the young people involved become fine young adults but we have also witnessed them grow within this culture to become reputable dancers, some of which now battle with Elemental Forces elite crew SUP.

Elemental Force is constantly developing and consistently seeing new faces on a regular basis becoming involved in what we do. We have established a great reputation through the schools and local authorities in Wales and have earned our respect by constantly delivering a professional and reliable service that focuses on the correct foundation of the dance. As well as this we have been developing the Welsh scene as a whole and have held regular events throughout the years that include Slam Jam, Roxe Jam, Ya Don’t Stop and Battlecry, flying in high profile artists and holding pioneer master classes for the UK scene.

Throughout 2012 and into the future we plan to raise the bar even further by continuing to develop the next generation of dancers as well as enjoying every minute of this incredible journey!

We would like to thank everybody that has contributed and supported this movement and for all the advice and guidance that you have given so far, you guys really don’t realise how much you have done and what that means to us and the students we teach.

Elemental Force.

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