Foor Rippers Xmas BBOY Jam

Before you open your presents, eat your turkey and get fat, ARE YOU READY for the battle?

A brand new Bboy event brought to you by some of the finest Bboys in the game. A platform for you to sharpen your tools and put your skills to the test. With a LIVE BAND PLAYING ALL THROUGH THE BATTLE. Be amazed and entertained by the UK’s elite dancers and let us see what you are made of!

Remember this is a dance not just a bunch of gymnastic moves; bring your musicality to the floor! So all you hip hop heads, funk lovers, broke beat bastards come and join us at the funkiest night this side of the universe.

Caution: There will be a lot of fun.

Bboy MOUSE (Floor Gangz)
Bboy SPIN (La Familia)
Bboy ZORRO (Ghettlow Pirates)

Hosted by:
Sam I Am and R-Qi-Tek (Broken Jazz / Black Hand / Soul Mavericks)

Live Band: HIMAL
Drums: Dumo Mathema
Guitar :Gibbi Bettini
Keys:Joel Ison
Bass: Giacomo Occhipinti
Vox: Himal Barnes

DJ Jam Fu

2 on 2 Bboy battles

£200 1st place CASH PRIZE + Gifts from STUSSY & ALIFE

Registration fee: £5 per crew (Bboys competing) on the door

Entrance fee: £5

Battle: 7pm to 10pm
Party same place till 1am.

For registration and information:

Promoter: Marie Guibergia
Sponsors: STUSSY & ALIFE

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