Ya Dont Stop 2010

Ya Don’t Stop first dropped the bomb on South Wales in 2009 with a 2 on 2 battle format that included international bgirl battles, followed in 2010 by the ultimate cypher, where for four hours in intense heat bboys battled for their place on stage in the top 16 at the BBOY BURNOUT.

Kido (EXG) and Manny (LA FAMILIA) made it to the final, with the winner Kido taking home the title as Burnout Champion and Manny holding his head high for representing to the fullest.

With the highest level dancers from all over the world attending to offer young people in South Wales the chance to raise their aspirations and drive to become competitive and driven at this art form, whilst also providing a world class format for the established dancers it attracts.

Our approach to this is driven by the belief that to preserve this culture and allow opportunities for the next generation, we need to take it back to basics and rock the party out and jam.

Peace, Unity, Love, And Having Fun, nothing more, nothing less.

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